CalWEA Expresses Confidence in Governor Newsom's Strike Force Report

April 12, 2019

April 12, 2019--The California Wind Energy Association (CalWEA) today expressed confidence in Governor Newsom’s leadership in addressing a broad range of issues relating to wildfires based on a report of the Governor’s “strike force” issued today. 

CalWEA’s Executive Director Nancy Rader stated, “This report correctly frames the current situation as a ‘crisis’ requiring bold action on a number of fronts.  Importantly, the report addresses the need to rationalize climate-driven wildfire-related liability and fairly spread the risk beyond utility ratepayers and shareholders, while holding utilities fully accountable for minimizing risks associated with the electrical system.  Without addressing the core issue of liability, the current crisis – which threatens ratepayers, wildfire victims and achievement of California’s clean-energy future – will not be resolved.  Therefore, we are very encouraged that the Governor is committed to addressing this core issue in an expeditious manner, in conjunction with the Legislature and its Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery.

CalWEA also joined in a supportive statement issued by most of California's renewable energy trade organizations which is available here:


Contact:  Nancy Rader, CalWEA - (510) 919-6358